Welcome to Aurolab Yoga !

‘ Yoga is a refined practice that brings equilibrium and grace to the physical body, steadiness to the  breath and clarity to the mind. Its philosophy is based on universal principles that resonate through the human heart giving life direction and meaning. In essence it is a highly personal spiritual practice, unique to each individual’   Sama Fabian, Founder of Aurolab Yoga

Yoga can be practiced by anyone who desires to improve their wellness, irrespective of age, gender or creed. It is broad, inclusive, and acknowledges cultural differences as well as differences in physical and mental ability. At The Green House School of Yoga and Healing Centre, located near Swansea, Waleswe provide a safe and nurturing environment for each person, whatever shape, level of fitness or flexibility, to  evolve into a fuller, healthier and happier human being. The teachings incorporates  a wide range of practices including asana (postures) vinyasa (sequences with rhythmic breath), kriya and pranayama (cleansing and breathing techniques), mantra (chant), the exploration of contemplative and meditative states, and deep relaxation.

Our philosophy is broadly inspired by the evolutionary ideas put forward by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry, India and is woven into the teachings as an integrated continuum.

‘ In these fragmented times, our movement is not so much towards perfection as it is towards wholeness’ Sama Fabian

With a steady practice not only can we restore and maintain health and ease in body and mind, but we can evolve the way we perceive ourselves, others and the world at large.